Commodo®: AL.PI.’s innovative, patented sole.
Our high-tech, expandable-width sole caresses your foot as it expands and contracts to fit perfectly in every situation.
It provides the utmost in comfort for your feet. Struggling with swelling, asymmetrical feet, bunions and other issues that make normal footwear uncomfortable? Pair one of our Commodo® soles with a well-constructed upper and your shoes will fit like a glove.
Commodo® provides truly customized comfort for your feet, all day long. Cutting-edge materials guarantee that your soft, adaptable Commodo® soles will be lightweight, non-marking and 100% flexible.
With the Commodo® system, you can also permanently stabilize your shoe. Special channels inside the sole can be filled with a liquid that hardens in just a few seconds, fixing the width of your shoe to that of your foot. Commodo®: Wellness for your feet.